10DLC, or 10-digit long code, is a new channel for SMS traffic being implemented by cellular carriers to combat spam. The timeline for these changes and the impact they will have on our customers continue to change.

We update this page as we get updates from our industry partners.

10DLC Basics

10DLC spam protection works in two ways:

  1. Organizations must register themselves as a 10DLC Brand. All messages sent on 10DLC channels will be associated with this Brand. This makes it much riskier for actual spammers as they will not be able to send 10DLC messages anonymously.
  2. Slight price increases to 10DLC traffic. Actual spam has such low engagement that even a small increase in price can destroy the profit margins for spammers. P2P texting traffic has significantly better engagement and should be largely unaffected.

Industry Timeline

The rollout is going much more slowly than the CTIA, the wireless communications industry group, had initially planned. The last we heard was on May 12th:
AT&T and T-Mobile will not implement any changes to filtering or throttling of 10DLC messages at the moment. AT&T and T-Mobile will provide 30 days notice before such changes take effect, and we will communicate these notices as soon as we receive them. Verizon is in earlier stages for determining how they will filter messages, but have not released a timeline at this point.

At this point, we are waiting for that 30 day notice for AT&T and T-Mobile and further updates from other carriers.

Spoke Rewired Support for 10DLC

10DLC requires changes to the Spoke Rewired product to support sending SMS traffic over this new channel. This will be completed in two phases:

  1. Support for sending messages over 10DLC after registering a 10DLC brand and campaign off-platform. We expect to have this completed by July 9, 2021.
  2. Full support for registering 10DLC brands and campaigns on-platform. We expect to have this completed by August 1, 2021.

Pricing Changes

Carrier changes to price are still in flux, so this is difficult to comment on at this time. We do know that we will need to introduce a small one-time setup fee to cover 10DLC Brand registration costs and an even smaller monthly fee to maintain that 10DLC Brand's channel.

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