10DLC Pricing and Compliance

Spoke Rewired Pricing

Spoke Rewired offers its lowest prices to organizations registered with 10DLC. We continue to support sending messages without registration at an additional cost (imposed by carriers).

Please refer to the Spoke Rewired pricing page on our website for more information.

Non-compliance with 10DLC messaging requirements

Carriers may levy the following types of fees for non-compliance with 10DLC messaging requirements:

Content Violation

T-Mobile may charge a $10,000 fee for each unique instance of content violation by a sender. Content violations are usually SHAFT violations (Sex, Hate, Alcohol, Firearms, Tobacco) but would also include spam messages or phishing attempts. We are not especially worried about this type of content being sent by the customers we have chosen to work with, however, it is very important that all texting program directors familiarize themselves with these violation types!

Message Routing

Additional fees are assessed for message routing violations on the network. Spoke Rewired was built with compliance in mind from day one and you will not have to worry about these kinds of fees as a customer.

If, however, we find that you have intentionally circumvented the safeguards built into our software, we will pass on any message routing non-compliance fees.

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