Adopting 10DLC

Brand and Campaign Registration

⚠️ Campaign Verify ⚠️

Verification for political campaigns is handled by Campaign Verify. If you do qualify, you should begin the registration process with Campaign Verify ASAP!

For more information, please see "How does verification work?" in Campaign Verify's FAQ document.

New Customers

Customers joining us after October 1st, 2021 will be set up with 10DLC and will have to pay a one-time $50 fee to register a 10DLC campaign.

Existing Customers

Existing customers will need to transition their accounts to 10DLC before November 24th, 2021 to ensure uninterrupted service. If you do not provide this information by then, you may not be able to send messages starting on December 1st, 2021 until 3-5 business days after you provide this information.

 Transitioning your organization to 10DLC will happen in two phases:

  1. You will provide us with the information required to register a 10DLC brand on your behalf.
  2. You will sign an updated service agreement covering 10DLC changes, including 10DLC Pricing and 10DLC Content Compliance.

We will not register a brand or campaign on your behalf until the updated service agreement has been signed and we have the required brand registration information. We anticipate a 3-5 business day delay between your completion of these two tasks and your brand being ready with carriers to send messages.

Campaign Use Cases

Our customers may register under the following standard use cases. Standalone means the use case cannot be combined with another use case. Mixed means it can be combined with another mixed use case. Special means restrictions apply or additional action is required (see below):

Use Case Type Special? Description
Charity Standalone Yes 501(c)(3) organizations should register campaigns with the Charity / 501(c)(3) special use case. Does not include: Religious organizations.
Conversational Messaging Standalone No - Peer-to-peer app-based group messaging with proxy/pooled numbers (For example: GroupMe)
- Supporting personalized services and non-exposure of personal numbers for enterprise or A2P communications. (Examples include: Uber and AirBnb.)
Political Standalone Yes - Part of organized effort to influence decision making of specific group.
- All campaigns to be verified.
- 501(c)(4), 501(c)(5), and 501(c)(6) organizations sending messages that are political in nature should register with the Political special use case, or register non-political messaging with another use case.
Polling and voting Mixed No It is unclear at the moment whether this can be political in nature
Public Service Announcement Mixed No An informational message that is meant to raise the audience's awareness about an important issue

Charity Special Use Case

Verification of 501(c)(3) status may be required.

Political Special Use Case

A 10DLC campaign may be registered with the Political special use case. Any candidate, party, PAC, or other committee that is a 527 tax-exempt organization and registered with the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) or a State, Local, or Tribal Election Authority may be eligible for this special use case.

The verification process for this special use case is still under development and we will follow up with customers as we know more. When providing the 10DLC brand registration information please let us know if you qualify for the political special use case!

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