10DLC Glossary

Here is a handy reference for 10DLC terminology:

Term Definition
P2P Person-to-person SMS describes messages sent to an individual's handset from a handset. We have traditionally thought of Spoke as P2P, however, it is now categorized as A2P.
A2P Application-to-person SMS describes messages sent to an individual's handset via an application. Traffic sent via an application is considered A2P by the telecom industry regardless of whether that message was initiated by a person or a program.
Long Code Phone Number A standard 10-digit phone number in the North American Numbering Plan. Your personal phone number is a long code number.
Short Code Phone Number A 5 or 6 digit phone number requiring a rigorous registration by the sender and explicit opt in from recipients in exchange for fewer sending restrictions.
10-Digit Long Code (10DLC) A system allowing businesses to send A2P-type messages over standard 10-digit long code numbers providing better quality to recipients and lower filtering risk to senders.
Brand Brand registration identifies who a business is on the carrier network.
Campaign Campaign registration identifies what type of content a business is sending on the network. Different use cases are subject to different restrictions.
The Campaign Registry (TCR)  The entity responsible for managing brand and campaign registration.
Campaign Verify The entity responsible for verifying 10DLC campaigns using the Political special use case.
Campaign Service Provider (CSP) A business responsible for sending messages on behalf of multiple brands and able to manage brand and campaign registration on their behalf. Politics Rewired is a campaign service provider.
Direct Connect Aggregator (DCA) A company that has a direct connection to a Mobile Network Operator (MNO) Gateway and transmits messages on behalf of its customers or “content providers”. Twilio is an example of a DCA.
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