Opt Out a Contact

Opting out a contact adds them to your organization's opt-out list. This prevents you from sending more messages to the contact. All future campaigns automatically remove contacts who are on the opt-out list. 

Note: Opt-outs are permanent. Please make sure to ask your administrator about which conversations you should opt out and which you should not.

Opt Out with a Message

Opting out with a message allows you to confirm with the contact that you're opting them out of future text communications with your organization.

To opt-out a contact with a follow-up message:
  1. While in a conversation, click Opt Out.
  2. Read the auto-generated prepared response. Edit if needed.
  3. Click Send.

Opt Out without a Message

Opting out a contact without a message prevents you from disturbing them further.

To opt-out a contact without a followup message:
  1. While in a conversation, click Opt-out.
  2. Delete the auto-generated prepared response
  3. Click Opt Out Without Text.

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