Send Texts

After you have requested and received an assignment, you can begin texting contacts.

Sending Initial Messages

To send your initial messages:
  1. Open the texter dashboard.
  2. Click Send First Texts.
  3. Click Send until you run out of initial messages.

    Note: You cannot edit the initial message.

Following these steps will take the conversations out of your workflow. When contacts begin responding, the conversations will reappear under the Send Replies category.

Sending Replies

To send replies to contacts who have responded to an initial message:
  1. Open the texter dashboard.
  2. Click Send Replies.
  3. Answer the survey question by clicking below Current Question and selecting a survey option. This will automatically populate a prepared response.
  4. Optional – Edit the message as needed. We recommend using the response that your Spoke administrators have carefully crafted for you. Think about personalizing the message if the contact asked a direct question or shared something personal with you.
  5. Click Send.

Handling replies will take those conversations out of your workflow, but they'll remain visible on your dashboard as Past Messages.

This is the standard procedure for sending replies. However, in certain cases, you might need to add a tag, opt out a contact, escalate a conversation, use a canned response, or close the conversation. Please see the Related Articles below to learn more about these topics.

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