Assignment Control

The Assignment Control page on the administration dashboard allows you to manage the request form that distributes texting assignments to you texters. Assignment controls can be applied to all of your texters via the "General" designation, or to specific teams of texters.

There are three primary assignment controls:

1. Enable Assignment: Toggling the "Enable assignment?" switch will make assignments available to texters via the request form from any active campaigns that have autoassign enabled. 

2. Assignment Type: This allows you to choose whether you want to release unsent initial messages or unhandled replies to the request form. 

  • Unsent Initial Messages: conversations where the contact has not yet received an initial message.
  • Unhandled Replies: Conversations where the the contact has responded to a message and is awaiting a reply. 

3. Max to Request at Once: This allows you to set the maximum number of conversations that a texter can request per assignment.

  • Unsent Initial Messages: We typically recommend setting your max limit for initial messages between 100-1000. It's safer to start smaller so new texters are not overwhelmed by replies, though most will find assignments of 500+ messages to be manageable.
  • Unhandled Replies: We typically recommend setting your max limit for unhandled replies between 10-30. Setting small maximum limits for replies will encourage texters to take their time, apply accurate survey responses, and customize scripts, while large max limits may encourage more rushed and robotic responses.

The final setting you'll see in Assignment Control is for custom escalation tags. Adding custom escalation tags to a specific team enables texters who are part of that team to apply those custom tags while texting. For more information, please read about conversation tags

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