Assignments are discrete batches of text messages (conversations) to be allocated to texters. There are two different ways to assign conversations to texters: manually or automatically. 

Manual Assignment

Administrators can manually assign texts to individual texters from either the Texters window of the campaign settings page or from the Message Review page off of the administration dashboard. Depending on how many texters you are managing with manual assignment, this can be a very time-intensive process. We typically recommend using auto-assignment, unless you have a special case that requires manual assignment.


Auto-assignment allows texters to request a preset number of conversations (either initial messages or unhandled replies) from the request form on the texter dashboard

Auto-assignment can be set up two different ways: 

  1. Approval Required: Where each assignment request must be manually approved by an Administrator or Supervolunteer in order for texters to receive their texts.
  2. Auto Approve: Where requested assignments are automatically approved, allowing texters to start texting contacts within moments of submitting their request.

Determine the default setting for auto-assignment in the Settings page of the administration dashboard. 

To expedite the assignment process, we typically recommend setting the default to Auto Approve. You can also edit the auto-assignment setting of a specific texter in the People page of the administration dashboard.

Once you've set the default setting for auto-assignment, you can enable autoassign for specific campaigns within the Autoassign Mode window of the campaign settings page. You can then release texting assignments from those campaigns to your texters via the request form, using the Assignment Control page of the administration dashboard.

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