You can utilize auto-assignment to easily and automatically distribute texting assignments to your texters, without needing to manually divide texts or replenish assignments when texters run out of messages. This keeps texts flowing to texters who are able to send more messages without overburdening administrators with tedious assignment and reassignment tasks.

There are three steps to set up auto-assignment for a campaign:

1. Enable Auto-Assignment: Click Autoassign Mode at the bottom of your campaign settings page, then toggle the top switch to enable autoassign. 

Note: Toggling the bottom switch will automatically release unhandled replies to the request form after a pre-set period of time (for example, 30 minutes). This can be a helpful feature down the road, but if you're just learning how to manage auto-assignment, we recommend keeping if toggled off.

2. Turn on the Request Form: Click Assignment Control on the administration dashboard, then toggle the switch to enable assignment. Set the assignment type (initials or replies) and the maximum number of messages a texter can request per assignment. This will activate the request form for your texters, allowing them to request assignments.

3. Set Up Auto-Approval: Click Settings on the administration dashboard, then select Auto Approve beneath "Default Text Request Auto-Approval Level." This will make it so that when texters request an assignment via the request form, that assignment is automatically approved in a matter of seconds. If you wish to have administrators or Supervolunteers manually approved requests, you can set this option for Approval Required. (We recommend using Auto Approve in most cases.) 

Note: You only need to set Auto Approve as your default setting once. Once set, all future texters invited to your organization will be set to have their assignments automatically approved. However, changing the default setting does not change the auto-approval level of texters already in your organization. You can change this setting on an individual basis by going to the People window within the administration dashboard.

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