Sending Locations

Sending locations allow you to message your contacts from localized numbers, giving the conversation a more personal touch. Each sending location is defined by a zip code and has several associated area codes. When a texter messages a contact, Spoke Rewired automatically uses the sending location closest to that contact to send the message. Once a contact has been mapped to a particular sending number, this relationship is not broken unless you ask for it to be; your contacts will continue receiving messages from a single sending number across multiple campaigns that you send.

For most clients, the one or two sending locations pre-configured when you sign up will be all you need. Sending locations can be added on the fly, however, if you are texting in many locations or otherwise need more granular control over sending locations. Keep in mind that the more sending locations you have, the more numbers you need to purchase, and the higher the cost.

To create and manage sending locations, contact us at

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