An organization is a distinct sending identity within your Spoke instance. Each instance of Spoke Rewired can have multiple organizations.

Organizations can be useful if your texting goals are different enough to keep separate. For example, there may be overlap between a volunteer contact list and a voter contact list. If you send out both volunteer information and voter information, your volunteers would receive both conversations from the same sending number, creating a single thread in their inbox. If you create one organization for volunteers and another organization for voters, your volunteer could receive information from you through two distinct sending numbers, thus separating those conversations distinct threads.

Each organization is defined by a number, which is visible in the URL of both dashboards.

Each organization has a separate:
  • Pool of phone numbers for sending messages 
  • Opt-out list*
*Note: If you wish to have instance-wide, rather than organization-wide, opt outs, please contact

User Permissions Across Organizations

Any user designated as a Superadmin will be added to all new organizations as an Owner. This can be useful if you plan to manage many organizations on a shared Spoke instance. Superadmin status must be managed directly in the database. Please contact if this is something you'd like to set up.

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