Copy Script Block

When you're creating an interaction script for your campaign, you can easily copy and paste script blocks within or between campaigns. This can be helpful if you want to add generic survey scripts you already have written elsewhere (e.g., Wrong Number) or if you're building multiple complex survey trees within a single campaign, each with the same or similar structure and content.

To copy and paste a script block:

1. Navigate to the campaign that contains the script block you wish to copy.

2. Open the Interactions window within the campaign settings page.

3. Click the Copy Block button within the script block you wish to copy.

4. Navigate to the campaign within which you want to paste the copied block. If you're copying and pasting in the same campaign, just stay where you are!

5. Find the survey question that your copied block will be answering and click the + Paste Block button immediately underneath the script block that contains the survey question. The copied script block will appear immediately below the survey question.

Note #1: You can copy and paste entire survey trees (i.e., a script block with a survey question and all the the script blocks with survey answers nested underneath it) by copying the parent script block containing the survey question. When you paste the block, it will cary over not only the parent script block, but also all of its "children" blocks nested beneath it.
Note #2: If you wish to replace the entire Interactions script with that of another campaign, first click Copy Block on the initial message of the campaign you want to copy, then select  + Paste Block within the initial message script block of the campaign you want to replace. You may also want to consider simply making a copy of the campaign you wish to replicate.

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