Export for Upload to VAN

The "Export for VAN" feature allows you to export survey responses collected during a Spoke campaign in a format that may be easier for upload back into VAN.

From the campaign page, select Export for VAN:

This will then open the Export for VAN dialog.

Select which field the VAN ID lives in. If you are using our VAN integration, you should leave the default of "external_id". If you uploaded contacts via a CSV, you'll need to select the heading of the column in the CSV that contained your VAN IDs. For example, this could be van_id:

In most cases, you'll only want to include survey responses for contacts to whom you actually sent a message. However, you have a choice to include all contacts, regardless of whether or not they have been messaged. To do so, toggle on Include unmessaged contacts.

After clicking the Export button, you'll receive an email containing a link to download the export. 

For assistance completing the bulk upload back into VAN, contact NGP VAN support!

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