VAN Integration & List Loading

Setting up your VAN integration 

Using the version (or fork) of Spoke specific to Politics Rewired, you are able to load saved lists from VAN directly into texting campaigns. This is done through a VAN integration.

IMPORTANT: Be sure that you've saved a LIST rather than a QUERY. Saved searches can't be pulled into Spoke, but saved lists can be!

Before you begin:

You will need a Politics Rewired- Hustle- or Civis-type VAN API key. A Spoke-type VAN API key will not work. 

Your API key will have the following properties:

  • Application name -- This will be the "username" for the Spoke integration. It will be of the form: DNCNY.000.hustle
  • API Key -- This will be of the form: b1b9de3b-12b1-4e13-bebe-115123aa6536

IMPORTANT: Don't forget to share VAN folders with the API key user. If you have successfully set up your integration and pulled in a saved list, only to find that the upload won't progress beyond 0%, you may need to give the API key user access to the folder that contains the lists you've created. 

Create VAN integration

1. First, navigate to Integrations on your left-side admin panel.

2. Click on the "+" symbol in the bottom right corner of your screen. 

3. Create and save the integration:

  • Integration name -- You can name your integration whatever you'd like! Archie has a nice ring.
  • System type -- This should be "Votebuilder."
  • Username -- This is your "Application name" from VAN. If it ends in spoke, refer to the above!
  • API key -- This is your "API key" from VAN.

Pull list information

You will need to pull list information from VAN before you can select a list to load into a campaign.

1. Click Refresh Sync Options on the Integration page.

2. Refresh the integrations list. The  last synced column will update when list information has been pulled.

Configure Opt-Out Sync

Opt-out sync is configured per-VAN integration.

1. Click on the name of the of the integration to open its detail page.

2. Select the VAN canvass result you would like opt-outs from Spoke to map to.

Load a list

1. Click into the Integration drop-down menu in the Campaign Edit page and link your new campaign to your VAN Integration then click SAVE.

2. Then click into the Contacts drop-down menu. Update the Contact source to Integration (replacing CSV) and choose which saved list from VAN that you would like to text. Click Save to begin importing the list's contacts into Spoke.

Write script with VAN-provided fields

VAN provides a large assortment of custom fields fields to use in scripts. Depending on your VAN committee, however, many of these may not have values. You should check with your VAN administrator about which fields are guaranteed to contain values.

Sync data back to VAN

1. Click the  Sync To VAN button on the top right corner of the Individual Campaign Page.

2. Then click Configure Mapping on the Sync to VAN pop up menu.

3. All of your survey answers will be displayed on the Configure Mapping pop up. Survey answers that have currently been selected by your texters will be tagged with the yellow triangle. Survey answers that have not been used yet in conversations will be tagged with a gray circle.

To start linking your survey options back to VAN click the plus sign to the right of the survey answer.

4. Select between VAN  Survey Response, Activist Code and Result Code in the Mapping Type drop-down menu. Once you have finished selecting your VAN pathway, click ADD.

5. After you have linked all of your survey answers back to VAN, click OK.

8. Finish the process by clicking Sync!

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