Send Status and Error Codes

Send Status

Send status is a column within the messages export from Spoke. It refers to the status of an outbound message (inbound messages are always DELIVERED).

There are 3 possible values for send status: SENT, DELIVERED, and ERROR.


A send status of ERROR means that the message was not delivered to the recipient's phone. Most commonly, this occurs when the recipient's carrier rejects the message as part of their spam filter. This often happens when your message has included links or URLs. To read about methods of increasing deliverability of links, see here and here.

You may also see an ERROR send status for a contact who has replied "STOP" or "UNSUBSCRIBE" in the past. Don't worry — You won't be charged for messages rejected for this particular reason (you are charged for messages rejected by carriers for other reasons). It is considered best practice to send an opt-out confirmation message, according to the official CTIA guidelines.


A send status of DELIVERED means that Spoke received confirmation that the message was delivered to the recipient's phone. Almost all of the time, this means that the recipient's phone received the message. Some of the time, however, carriers choose to send affirmative delivery reports without having sent the message; this typically occurs after sending a large volume of a particular URL, and it's likely that they do it in order to prevent you or us from reverse-engineering their spam filters.


A send status of  SENT means that the message was just sent by the user and is in the process of being delivered. This is most often a temporary status, and you'll see many messages marked as SENT if you export from a currently-running campaign. Delivery reports typically arrive in a few seconds, but some arrive minutes or hours later. That said, a small percent of messages will stay SENT for all time. This means that we never received a delivery report from the carrier. Like false-positive delivery reports, this just happens sometimes and is likely done to prevent the reverse-engineering of spam filters.

Error Codes

Error code is a column on the messages export from Spoke. It refers to the error codes that we receive from underlying telecom providers (expressed as stringified 5-digit integers). 

Error codes are specific to the service that is powering your instance of Spoke, which at the moment is either Telnyx, Twilio, or Bandwidth.

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