The following settings apply to all campaigns in your Spoke organization. You can access these Settings from the administrator dashboard.

Default Text Request Auto-Approval Level

Choose the default assignment-approval setting for new texters. To expedite the assignment process, we typically recommend setting the default to Auto Approve. Though no matter the default assignment-approval level, you can modify an individual texter's approval level from the People tab on the lefthand side admin panel. 

Opt-Out Message

You can set the default opt-out message that auto-populates the message field when texters use the opt-out feature.

Texting Hours

You can enforce texting hours across all campaigns by turning on this feature. This prevents you from disturbing contacts outside of these hours. Each campaign has its own set of texting hours that you specify on the campaign settings page.

Assemble Numbers API key

Assemble Numbers is a service that helps you determine whether you can reach a phone number in your contact list. This API key field is populated by default and allows you to use the Filter Landlines feature within the campaign settings page.

Contact Information Display

For some specific use cases (e.g., volunteer or member contact) it may be desirable to show the contact's last name and/or cell phone to the texter. The toggles in this section allow you to do that.

Note: Think carefully about the privacy implications of exposing this information before you enable these options! We strongly dissuade you from using it under most circumstances.
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