Bulk Script Editor

The bulk script editor is a tool that allows you to simultaneously find and replace parts of your interaction scripts across multiple campaigns. With this tool, you provide the text you want to replace and the text you want to replace it with. The editor searches all campaigns in your organization and performs the replacement for all interaction scripts. 

You can use a filter to restrict the replacement to a smaller set of campaigns. A filter can restrict the editor to active campaigns and to campaigns with names that begin with specific text (this is one reason why having a consistent campaign naming convention can be useful).

To use this tool, you must provide the exact text you want to replace. If your interaction scripts all have slight variations, the bulk script editor must be used for each variation. Keep this in mind when writing interaction scripts.

If you leave the "...with this text" field blank, the bulk script editor replaces all instances of the text with nothing, effectively deleting them.

The bulk script editor works only for a single Spoke organization. If you have multiple organizations, you must use the bulk script editor for each one.

Note: Clicking the Find & Replace button performs the action without confirmation. Click this button only after you've double-checked the text, filters, and other options.

After you use the bulk script editor, a notification displays all instances (or occurrences) of replacement. Once you exit this notification, you cannot open it again. If you want to save the details of the replacements, copy them before clicking OK.

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