Create Tags

Tags are used by texters to log additional data about a conversation or contact. Tags can be applied to any conversation across all of your organization's campaigns and are typically used to capture information that doesn't fit neatly in your interaction scripts. 

For example, a Spanish tag would allow you to mark people replying in Spanish as Spanish-speakers, giving you the information needed to contact them in the future in their preferred language. A Volunteer Lead would allow you to mark people expressing interest in volunteering, enabling you to follow up and recruit them later.

Note: Conversation tags apply only to the current conversation and do carry over to conversations with the same contact on other campaigns.
To create a tag:
  1. Navigate to the Tags page page of the administration dashboard
  2. Click the green plus (+) button in the bottom right-hand corner.
  3. Choose a tag title.
  4. Optional – You may also include a tag description, a tag script that will automatically populate when the tag is selected by a texter, as well as the tag's text color and background color
  5. Click Create.

Custom Escalation Tags

You can also create a custom escalation tag that not only logs data but removes the conversation from a texter's workflow, and makes it uniquely available to a specialized team for assignment. To do this, just un-check Allow assignment when creating your tag.

You can then apply these custom escalation tags to a specialized team of texters by navigating to Assignment Control and  adding the tag to the Custom escalation tag field.

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