User Roles

Types of Roles

Spoke has four roles, each with different levels of permissions. You can access and edit these roles from the People page of the administration dashboard.


A texter is a member of your organization, often a volunteer, who is able to text contacts in a campaign. Texters use the texter dashboard to request conversation assignments and send messages.
Texters are responsible for sending initial messages and responses to contacts, as well as answering survey questions as the conversation progresses. Marking survey data is an essential part of keeping a contact list up-to-date, and sets you up for more tailored conversations in future texting campaigns.


A supervolunteer has partial access to the administration dashboard. They can help review and reassign conversations in Message Review, as well as help approve requests from the Assignment Requests page. Supervolunteer accounts have the same ability as texters to request conversations and text contacts.


An administrator (or admin) is a member of your organization who can create, modify, and manage campaigns and who has expanded access to the administration dashboard. Administrator accounts have the same ability as texters to request conversations and text contacts.


An owner has full access to the organization and may manage organization settings, shortlink domains, and bulk operations. They have full access to the administration dashboard. Owner accounts have the same ability as texters to request conversations and text contacts.

Role Permissions

Action Texter Supervolunteer Admin Owner
    View Current Assignments
    Request Assignment
    Text on Assignment
    Tag Conversation
    Opt Contact Out
Campaign Management

    View Campaign List
    Create/Copy Campaign

    Archive/Unarchive Campaign

    Release Unsent Initials/Unhandled Replies

    Mark/Unmark Campaign for Second Pass

    Delete Unmessaged Contacts from Campaign

Campaign Building
    Edit Campaign

    Export Campaign

    View Script Preview

    Start Campaign

    Delete Stuck Job

Manage People
    View People List

    Change User Role

    View Invite URL

    Edit User Profile (user can self-edit)

    Reset User Password

Manage Teams
    View Teams

    Create/Edit Team

    View Assignment Request Control

    Edit Assignment Request Controls

    View Assignment Requests
    Approve/Deny Assignment Requests
Manage Tags
    View Contact's Tags
    View All Tags

    Create/Edit Tag

Message Review / Escalated Conversations
    View/Filter Conversations
    Reassign/Unassign Conversations

    Text on Conversation
    Update Survey Response

    Manage Conversation Tags

    View/Filter Escalated Conversations

    Manage Tokens
    Manage Alarms
Bulk Script Editor

    Bulk Update Scripts

Manage Short Link Domains
    View All Short Link Domains
    Create/Edit Short Link Domain

Manage Organization Settings
    View Organization Settings

    Edit Organization Settings

    View Organization's Opt Outs

    Manage integrations

    Load contact list from integration

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