Campaign actions

You can manage active campaigns with campaign actions. The following actions are available for each campaign in the campaign list.

Release Unsent Messages

Unassigns all conversations waiting for an initial message from a texter.

Sometimes, texters request a number of conversations but won't handle all of them. If that happens, you can release those conversations so that they can be assigned to other texters.

Mark For Second Pass

Marks all conversations that didn't receive a response from the contact as needing an initial message.

Note: You can use this action only before the due date of a campaign.

This action is useful for following up with contacts who didn't see the initial message or who forgot to reply. If you use this action, you should also change the script's initial message so that texters don't send the exact same message twice. For example, you could start the new initial message with, "Hey, not sure if you saw my first text..."

When you use this action, a notification displays the number of conversations that are marked for a second pass.

Release Unreplied Conversations

Unassigns conversations waiting for a response from a texter.

When you use this action, you must specify a number of hours since the contact's last message. Any conversations that haven't been idle for that long are not unassigned.

Similar to Release Unsent Messages, this action is useful to make sure your contacts are receiving prompt responses from your texters.

Archive Campaign

Stops the campaign, marks it as archived, and disables all future texting and notifications for the campaign.

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