Automatic Opt Out Keywords and Phrases

About Automatic Opt Outs

The Spoke Rewired tool filters and automatically opts out any contacts that respond with certain keywords or phrases. For example, if a contact responds with "stop," the tool will opt out the contact without the need for someone to review the response. 

Without this automatic opt out, Spoke texters would have to sift through hundreds of texts where the majority of texts just say "stop" or unsubscribe, therefore taking up a lot of a texter's time.

Opt Out Keywords and Phrases

The following keywords and phrases will trigger Spoke to automatically opt out the contact:

  • stop
  • stopall
  • stop all
  • unsubscribe
  • cancel
  • end
  • quit
  • stop2quit
  • stop 2 quit
  • stop=quit
  • stop = quit
  • stop to quit
  • stoptoquit
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