Reset your Spoke Rewired Password

If you've forgotten your password, follow these steps to troubleshoot:

  1. Navigate to your Spoke Rewired webpage and click "Login and get started." 
  2. From this page, click where the text reads "Forgot your password?" under the LOG IN button. 
  3. Input your email and click "Request Reset." This reset request could take up to 15 minutes. Navigate to your email to open the password reset link. You will then be able to reset your password and access Spoke. 

Cannot Find Reset Email

If you have not received the password reset link, look to see whether you may have registered on Spoke using a different email address. This is a common error. Search for "" in all of your email addresses to identify the email with an active spoke account. 

If you find messages from Spoke Rewired in another email address, navigate to your Spoke webpage and restart the above process with the correct email address. Once you have opened the password reset link and have access to spoke, you can change your email address by clicking the gray bubble with your initial in the top right hand corner and then clicking on your name. This will bring you to the account settings page. 

If you have further questions or difficulties updating your account info, email for further assistance. In your email, please indicate the URL of the Spoke page you are attempting to access. 

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