Texter interface updates: August 2022

The buttons at the bottom of the Spoke conversation screen have changed. Please let your volunteer teams know about these changes:  

  1. Instead of a SKIP REPLY button – use the CLOSE button to end a conversation, or when the voter auto-replies “I’m driving…”

2. To navigate past the current conversation, use the NEXT button; to navigate back to a previous conversation, use the PREV button. These buttons have the same function as the arrow buttons in previous versions of Spoke. 

3. The positions of the buttons have changed. For Spoke Rewired power users, this may take a little getting used to. The SEND button is in the same place, but now CANNED RESPONSES, OPT OUT, and MANAGE TAGS have shifted to the left, while CLOSE (formerly SKIP REPLY) has shifted to the right. 

Please direct any questions about changed to the texter interface to support@spokereiwred.com

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