Campaign Metrics

A variety of campaign metrics are readily available in Spoke. To view your campaign's metrics, go to the campaign page of your administration dashboard and select the desired campaign. This screen will display the following groups of metrics:


Contacts: total number of campaign contacts successfully uploaded from your contact list.

Texters: total number of texters who have received an assignment on the campaign.

Sent: total number of outbound messages that have been sent on the campaign. This includes both initial messages and follow-up messages responding to inbound replies.

Replies: total number of inbound messages that have been received on the campaign.

Opt-Outs: total number campaign opt-outs.

Survey Questions

Responses: the total number of campaign contacts that have been marked as having responded to a particular survey question.

Note: A breakdown of how those campaign contacts answered the survey question is displayed via the adjacent pie chart; you can scroll over the different slices of the chart to see the number of contacts who replied with each survey answer.

Outbound Deliverability

Delivered: The number and percentage of outbound texts that were confirmed as having been delivered to the recipient's phone.

Sending: The number and percentage of outbound texts that have been sent by the texter and are in the process of being delivered to the recipient; this is most often a temporary status.

Error: The number and percentage of outbound texts that were not delivered to the recipient's phone.

Note: To learn more about these three statuses, as well as the specific error codes you may encounter, click here.
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