Filter Landlines

Once you've uploaded your contact list to a campaign, you have the option to filter your campaign contacts for landlines, which cannot receive texts. Filtering for landlines is a free feature that can help you save on messaging costs!

Once you filter your contact list, all landlines will be excluded from the campaign, saving you the 1 cent per segment cost of texting them. Our general rule of thumb is that if you think that more than 10-20% of your contacts are landlines, then you'll save money and time filtering landlines. If you're pretty sure you have all (or nearly all) valid cell numbers, you can skip this step.

To filter landlines and remove them from your campaign:
  1. Open the Filter Landlines window within the campaigns settings page.
  2. Click the Filter Landlines button.
  3. Wait and refresh. (This may take a couple minutes, depending on the size of the list.) Once filtering is complete, the Filter Landlines window will display the number of contacts with landlines that have been identified and removed.

Once landline filtration has completed, the section will look like:

Exporting your filtered contacts

Once your campaign is sent, you can use the EXPORT DATA button to export the information you need. This button is located on the dashboard for your campaign and you can customize the information included in the export, including filtered contacts, by using the toggles shown below. 

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