Sending Links

Sending links in your messages increases the likelihood they will be flagged as spam and blocked by cell carriers.

To minimize the chance your texts get blocked by carriers:

1. Avoid sending links in initial messages. Instead, make a clear and direct ask in your initial message and then include the link in your Yes and Maybe survey responses to those who express interest. This will dramatically lower the total number of links you are sending.

2. Use unique long links (like a candidate website, Secretary of State website, or a voter lookup tool) or a custom short link (like one created with a purchased custom domain from Rebrandly). When using a custom short link, we recommend using .me or .us to make a domain like

3. Do not use links with common domains (like ActBlue, Google, etc.) or URLs created with common link shorteners (like or

4. If you're planning to send the same link to large numbers of contacts, consider using script options and custom domains to rotate your links. You can read more about this feature here

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